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Very professional and organized practice. Very courteous and helpful staff.
3 days ago
- Ejobe O.
I lake the way I be treat
2 days ago
- Ignacio R.
Staff is very attentive to the patient, getting them checked in timely. They prep the patient before you see the doctor. Dr. Nagori is on top of her game. She cares about the patients well being and very thorough. I would recommend Vision MD if you are experiencing eye difficulties
3 weeks ago
- Mira S.
The care I receive was excellent
4 weeks ago
- Agnes A.
Dr Chin Loy is great at explaining what is going on and very personable. She seemed quite knowledgeable about my condition. The office was a little less satisfactory, as there were way too many reminders of my appointment. Then they asked if I wanted to come earlier, which I did, but I had to wait for my appointment and for the doctor.
4 weeks ago
- Michelle K.
Went for my first eye exam in years. They were busy like a typical Dr.'s office, so I had to wait a while past my appointment time before being seen. The staff were all very nice, and there was very little pressure to buy eyeglasses through them.
2 months ago
- Douglas S.
Everyone was nice and very professional and respectful, receptionist was very helpful and professional all the staff was great ...
1 month ago
- Yemi O.