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Unilens C-VUE Advanced HydraVUE Multifocal

Unilens C-Vue multifocal contact lensesC-VUE Advanced HydraVUE Multifocal

C-VUE Advanced HydraVUE Multifocal Monthly Custom Silicone Hydrogel World-Class Patented Multifocal Technology. The science of presbyopic lens design technology is now available in the all new HydraVUE silicone hydrogel lens. Even the most hard-to-fit contact lens multifocal patient can benefit from this custom contact lens.

  • The Unilens CVUE Advanced HydraVUE Multifocal contact lenses provide good vision at near, intermediate and far distances.
  • The unique lens designs allow wearers to focus smoothly and clearly at all distances, without the jumps and distortions bifocals typically create.