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Natural and Holistic Solutions for Dry Eyes

Dry EyeAre you tired of dealing with dry, itchy, and irritated eyes? You're not alone. Millions of people across the globe deal with uncomfortable dry eye symptoms like redness, dryness and grittiness.

The good news is that there are natural and holistic solutions that may provide relief. However, they’re not a substitute for seeing an eye doctor that specializes in customized dry eye treatments. At Vision MD Eye Doctors in Glenn Dale, we diagnose and treat dry eyes. 

#1 Omega-3 For The Win

An effective natural solution for dry eye is to increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids. They’re found in fatty fish, flaxseed, and walnuts and can do wonders for your eye health!

So, try eating more fatty fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel, or taking a daily omega-3 supplement. Note: Before changing your diet or start taking supplements, consult your physician. 

#2 Herbal Supplements

Another natural solution for dry eye syndrome is using herbal supplements. Herbs like chamomile, calendula, and eyebright may alleviate dry eye discomfort. They can be found in supplements and teas. 

#3 Practice Good Eyelid Hygiene

Keeping your eyelids and eyelashes clean can help prevent dry eye syndrome. This is because debris, mites, and makeup can clog your meibomian glands, which release oils that lubricate the tear film. Practicing good eyelid hygiene includes using gentle cleansers (try baby shampoo) and warm water to wash the eyelids and their surrounding areas. 

#4 Think About The Bigger Picture

A holistic approach isn’t just about considering what you put in your body or on your eyes. It’s also about looking at the bigger picture. For example, certain autoimmune disorders such as Sjogren's syndrome, Type 1 diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis can cause dry eye syndrome. 

Treating the underlying condition while also using natural remedies as well as treatments prescribed by your eye doctor can help alleviate your dry eye symptoms.  

Dry Eye Treatments in Glenn Dale

Although natural and holistic dry eye treatments can help make your eyes more comfortable, only an eye doctor who treats dry eyes can determine the underlying cause of your symptoms and provide the latest treatments.  

At Vision MD Eye Doctors in Glenn Dale, we treat dry eyes for long-lasting relief. 

Our practice serves patients from College Park, Glenn Dale, Washington, D.C, and Bowie, MD and surrounding communities.

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